ACW Solutions Overview


ACW Solutions has over 18 years implementing CRM solutions. The following are some our products, consulting, training and support services.
QuoteWerks - Quoting
MasterMine - Reporting
Crystal Reports - Reporting
IntelliClick - E-mail opened, click throughs, and web site navigation tracking
GoldBox - Back office integration with GoldMine
Details Plus - Enhanced GoldMine detail records
Scanner Plus - Scanning directly to GoldMine records
CompanionLink - Phone & PDA synchronization
w-Mobile - Wireless GoldMine access
QuickBooks - Accounting
OmniRush - Fax server, shipping (FedEx,UPS, & USPS), and enhance e-mails integrated with GoldMine
Web site development and integration
Network and PC support
CRM Strategic Implementation (CSI) Business Analysis
CRM is an all-encompassing strategy, and no one department, call center, or Information Technology (IT) manager can drive the cross-functional process changes required. Bottom-up implementations may optimize local needs, but optimizing efforts to benefit customers means that some parts of the business will not be as efficient as they were while others do better. By engaging CRM solution provider you can leverage proven "best of practices" and industry experience.
The CSI Business Analysis should include the following information:
Organizational Requirements
Data Processing & Integration Requirements
Software Functionality
System Infrastructure
Information Analysis
Project Plan
Customer Relationship Management Software Questions:
1. Sales Force Automation -  What is your sales process? (from prospect to customer to sold products and services)
2. Marketing - What are your current marketing initiatives/programs?
3. Customer Service - What are your current methods of providing customer service and/or support?
4. Project Management - What are your project management needs?
5. Service Automation – What are your product and service delivery processes?
6. Custom Fields & ScreensBesides basic contact information, what any additional data you would like us to create custom fields and screens for?
7. Work Flow Implementation and Automated Processes – What Standard Operating procedures (SOPs) can be automated to reduce administrative effort and make sure nothing slips through the cracks?
8.   Reports – What reports do you currently use? What reports do you envision needing in the future?
Our CSI Business Analysis service is the key to a successful GoldMine implementation. The CSI Business Analysis phase of the project will detail your workflow needs, define and then streamline your sales process, order fulfillment; and customer service needs. The information allows us to build a solid database foundation that meets your needs now and in the future. This process will be used for a scope of work to include customizations, implementation, and training agenda, which will create a blue print for success. It is our experience that the best of CRM implementations start with a CSI Business Analysis.