IntelliClick & WebNav

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Benefits of IntelliClick…

...knowing exactly when your client clicked-through from your email link to your website?

...getting a text message saying, ‘Bob Smith just landed on your Hot Sales page -- call him now!'? knew what links Bob clicked once he landed on your site -- how long he spent at each page and how often he came back? Wouldn't that help you target your follow-up?

And wouldn't it be cool if , with one click, had literature sent to him, automatically. Imagine he could even register for your event with one click -- no forms to fill out?

IntelliClick can do all this and more! By embedding "intelligent" links in your email, IntelliClick will write back to your CRM database the moment the link is clicked, even sending notifications to your team in the form of emails, text messages or scheduled follow up phone calls...

IntelliClick highlights:

  • Email campaigns are tracked instantly to your database.
  • Email, Text Message or Scheduled Phone Call Alerts engage your sales team.
  • "One Click" Literature Fulfillment kick-starts your sales process.
  • Web site visit details are tracked to your database. Integrated reporting measures your results & captures critical
  • "Digital Body Language". MasterMine for GoldMine Users -- Special toolkit included.

Go beyond the first click and monitor the interests of your web site visitors. The IntelliClick WebNav Module tracks where your e-mail campaign respondents go after the first click. Your database is instantly updated, allowing your sales team to "take action" to get a jump on your competition. Capture customer's digital body language using e-mail marketing campaigns sent directly from your CRM software.

IntelliClick® eTrack and WebNav modules allow your company to:

  • Arm your sales reps with customer interests before they make their 1st call.
  • Instantly notify those who need to be in the response loop.
  • Monitor interests of web site visitors from your campaigns.
  • Measure campaign effectiveness and set future marketing strategies.
  • Stay competitive with IntelliClick and engage your sales team from the outset.
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