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All of GoldMine on your Mobile Telephone with wMobile

Fully functional GoldMine with integrated email and graphical calendars on your phone.

In our eighth release of wMobile we have added the following features:

  •  Monthly Graphical Calendar viewing GoldMine Calendar for you or any other GoldMine user
  •  Weekly Graphical Calendar
  •  Daily Graphical Calendar
  •  Detail Calendar Display User Preferences
  •  Activity Scheduling Directly From Calendar
  •  Event Scheduling and Display Support
  •  International Regional Settings for Date Format, Currency Format and Time Zone translation
  •  Many minor feature and performance updates

Experience how you can be productive with GoldMine on your mobile phone with complete integration of mobile email to your GoldMine application.

  •  No data synchronization
  •  No applications to install on the phone
  •  Complete Security
  •  Real time connectivity to GoldMine
  •  Full GoldMine functionality
  •  All on your mobile telephone
  •  Support for BlackBerry, Palm Treo, Windows Mobile and iPhone devices

If you ever leave the office but would like to access your information in GoldMine - this is an event not to be missed.

"W-System's wMobile application adds new flexibility and adaptability to our operations. It has become an integral part of our business model by providing remote real time access to all customer/contact data and history including sent and received emails. Our ability to service our customers and interact with our 18,000 nationwide staff has been greatly improved thanks to wMobile."

Dan Stevens


  • Look-up Contact Records, View History
  • Add new contacts and access contact groups
  • Review your own and your teams calendars
  • Dial the phone from a contact record
  • Read and Sent email are saved in GoldMine
  • Full email attachment support on the phone
  • Schedule new activities / Complete your activities
  • Manage your sales forecast
  • Get turn by turn directions from one appointment to the next
  • Custom management reporting dashboard
  • And so much more!

ACW Solutions invites you to join the wMobile team for a 40 minute web-based product demonstration.

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