System Integration

Integrating your critical business applications provides a single view of the customer across the organization

Integration within Reach

The benefits of software integration are no longer limited to big enterprises. Now small to medium size companies can draw valuable customer information for strategic analysis, improved customer support, and enhanced marketing initiatives through application integration.

  • View critical back office information from your CRM solutions
  • Initiate Automatic Processes and alerts base on strategic information
  • Integrated your website for customers/prospects request for service or information
  • Utilize the CRM Boss Toolbar to link common applications and information together into a single view

Data integrations behind the scenes

Bring together disparate systems into a single view of the customer across your organization. Using the GoldBox tool, ACW Solutions can create data integrations with back office solutions, website and portals, and other line of business applications that hold customer data so that manual entry is not required to keep multiple databases in sync.

Application integrations using a toolbar

The CRM Boss Tool Bar can integrate any windows program and share data. For example you could be on a customer record in GoldMine and click on a button from the CRM Boss Tool Bar and it would take you to that customer record in your accounting system then display the screen of your choice. The CRM Boss Tool Bar also has the capability of custom data entry screens that make an application easier to use and share that data with multiple systems. These are just two of the integration tools we provide that allow you to view specific information about a contact in 10 to 60 seconds.

Choosing the right integrations

ACW Solutions' has access to over 100 business applications that integrate with GoldMine, which allows us to integrate the right software as a strategic weapon to attract and keep customers for life. We also have very effective tools to quickly integrate existing applications. It has been our experience that implementing just a few key software features based on business opportunities or problems can make a dramatic difference.