Home Improvement Industry

CRM Bossä (built on GoldMine software) for the Home Improvement Industry

ACW Solutions has over 17 years experience implementing CRM Bossä solutions. ACW Solutions' focus is to quickly implement and provide training on software tools that:
* Enable time management tools that help focus on important activities
* Provide instant access to all touches with prospects and customers
Calls, Appointments, Next Actions/ToDos
Potential Sales, Close Rate, Quota Attainment
* Synchronize all information from branches to corporate
* Improve communication within teams, departments, and company wide
* Clarify who your A, B, C prospects and customers are
* Implement "Auto Processes" that save time and make sure nothing slips through the cracks
Follow up calls, appointment, & next actions
* Automated "Nurture Marketing" keeping <<&company>> "Top of Mind"
* "Business Intelligence" that keeps management up to date on specified business matrixes.

Sales, Marketing and Customer Service Automation Needs:
* Scheduling and Calendar system
* Marketing Campaign and Lead Management
* Sales Forecasting and Opportunity Management
* E-mail Center to manage and link in/outbound e-mail to the contact records
* Document Management Center to manage all documents including merged documents
* InfoCenter that provides database with search engine for company policies, product information, competitive research, documents, and other information needed by the knowledge worker
* Software links to other software systems like accounting systems
* Automated Processes to automated 7x24 one to one marketing, sales processes and customer service needs
* Field dispatch management

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