Business Analysis

We bring your teams together to analyze your current systems and processes and plan how together we will streamline your business processes using the technology.

We start our CRM implementations with a service called the CRM Strategic Implementation (CSI) Business Analysis. Key to a successful to our mutual success is how we interview critical decision makers within your organization, map the flow of information within your organization, and establish defined processes.

Analyze systems and processes

The information gathered in the CSI Business Analysis allows us to use CRM technology as a strategic weapon to streamline your sales process from lead generation to order fulfillment, and to support your customer service processes. The result is a strategic CRM implementation plan that will improve or replace the current systems and processes.

Gain critical buy-in from stakeholders

Part of the purpose of the CSI Business Analysis meetings is to bring together top management and end-users to develop the buy-in that is critical for a successful implementation. The priorities of the CRM implementation project will be a balance of items necessary for management to achieve the desired results and for the end-users to improve productivity in their daily tasks.

Set priorities and ROI mechanisms

Goal setting is necessary to define tangible metrics for success and establish ROI mechanisms. It is important to determine which technologies and strategies are worth their investment. This is how ACW Solutions ensures that we understand where you are and where you need to go so we can then replicate that understanding with your business operating software system.

Agree on a strategic plan

From the CSI Business Analysis, we will be develop a scope of work for the implementation to including installation, customization, and teams that will need training, and the planning of future project phases, which will create a roadmap to successfully achieve all of your goals. ACW Solutions prepares and presents a proposal that reflects your organization’s unique requirements and our blueprint for success.