CRM Boss (Customer Relationship Management Business Operating Software System) Built on GoldMine® software

Built on GoldMine® software

Achieve ROI with the CRM Boss
CRM software alone won’t achieve results in your company.  CRM software needs to be effectively applied to your business problems to get results.   With the an implementation of the CRM Boss you can expect to:

Why QuoteWerks vs. spreadsheet or ord processor or accounting software

I currently use spreadsheet software, word processing software or accounting software to create my quotes. How will using QuoteWerks be a better solution? Creating price quotes is the initial step towards making a sale. Yet, this necessary step can be tedious and time consuming; researching product, pricing, and details from multiple vendors. You may even need to create several different quotes for one specific client. And, after all the time used to create the perfect quote, the customer may decide not to place an order.

The value of implementing Customer Relationship Management

"Software is just software." Software's only value is when it is effectively applied to get desired results. We combine best of business practices with technology to get results. We have been providing implementations, training, and support of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions based on GoldMine® software since 1990.