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No other CRM or Contact Management package in the world has a companion product as extensive!  You already have the TOP-RATED GoldMine® system.  Now, you can extend its current functionality with AWESOME Data Management concepts in GoldBox!

  • IMPORT / ATTACH / UPDATE into 28 areas of GoldMine’s relational data model
  • EXPORT from Main and Tab tables, with segmenting, calculated fields, instant Excel load
  • Failsafe MERGE-PURGE with Deleted-Dupe Copyout, Field Backfilling, Primer / Preview logic
  • DEDUPE an individual GoldMine table, or any dBase table
  • Finest GROUP BUILDER with Automatic Refresh and Dual-Optimization logic
  • Step through a GoldMine table and Auto-Generate multiple GROUPS-BY-BREAK
  • Create and Refresh Single-break ORG CHARTS with defined Sort Value and 1st-break logic
  • Auto-Link a HUB Contact (Home Buyer) to SPOKES (Properties) via GoldMine’s Referral records
  • Finest GLOBAL Replace, Delete, UN-delete, Path Changer, User Changer and Area Code Split Replace
  • WILD CARD REFERENCE brings the full might of SQL, dBase and GoldBox languages to every user
  • Best AUTOMATION logic allows unattended batch processing of nearly 40 categories of operations
  • Point-and-Shoot SQL QUERY BUILDER allows assembly of complex queries – with mouse clicks
  • 200+ selectable FUNCTION calls for pinpoint control of Filters and Field Expressions
  • TRANSFER GoldBox Setups and any other disk files from 1 GoldBox system to another
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