Software Training

We empower you to become a success at using your new system. As you recognize your own ability to improve upon our collaborative effort, you'll enjoy the benefit of being able to customize your CRM solutions and strategies even further.

Training when you need it

ACW Solutions offers training as part of every implementation we do because we want to empower our customers to use and support their solution and not be dependent on outside help. However, when there is a change over in staff, or after using the program for some time, your staff may want to take their understanding to the next level. In that case, ACW Solutions has flexible training options to meet your needs.

Training where you need it

ACW Solutions offers web-based for one or more individuals or on-site training at your facility. In addition, group classes may be offered at our facilities from time to time depending on the needs and requests of our clients. Email us to request a group training class that others might benefit from attending.

Standard training classes

Typically, a CRM project is only successful when coupled with needs-based training. We split this training into 4 sections: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, and Administrator's.

Popular software training

  • GoldMine CRM
  • Crystal Reports
  • Goldbox
  • Details Plus
  • QuoteWerks
  • CompanionLink
  • Scanner Plus
  • OmniRush
  • w-Mobile

Sample GoldMine Training - Custom GoldMine Training Available

Basic Training (4-Hours)

  • GoldMine Overview
  • Locating Individuals
  • GoldMine Tabs
  • Calendar
  • Activity List
  • Scheduling and Completing Activities
  • Document Management Center
  • Sending GoldMine E-Mail
  • E-Mail Center

Intermediate Training (4-Hours)

  • E-Mail Templates
  • Word Templates
  • Filters & Groups
  • Reports
  • Organizational Chart
  • InfoCenter
  • Project Manager
  • Forecasted Sales
  • Opportunity Manager
  • Detail Records
  • My GoldMine Desktop

Advanced/System Administration (4 to 16 hours total)

  • Modifying Reports
  • Telemarketing Scripts
  • Customizing Fields & Screens
  • Toolbar Customization
  • Sync Pocket PC
  • Data Maintenance
  • License Manager
  • System Administration Preferences
  • System Administration Properties

Custom training classes

Since you may already have a partial knowledge of Goldmine's features or other integrated software, we offer custom training to suit your specific needs. Our training fee is based on our sliding scale hourly rate. Classes are open to an unlimited number of participants. A Questions and Answers session is always provided at the end.

Training manuals for your team

We also recommend purchasing training manuals so that each person can follow along in the training. Reading manuals by themselves is a dull and uninspiring way to learn software. However, manuals are helpful for retention, as participants use more than one form of media to learn the software; plus, they can always reference the manual’s step-by-step instructions later. Basic, Intermediate, Advanced or Custom manuals (up to 10 topics each) are $20 each.

Please call for more information and for pricing at 888-276-2297.