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 ACW Solutions’ CRM Bossä for the Financial Industry Executive Summary

The definition of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is also an objective: The development and maintenance of mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with strategically significant customers. It is a technology-enabled business strategy that leverages increased customer knowledge to create and deliver more competitive products and services. CRM is about understanding the buying habits and preferences of your customers and prospects.
>       Build and strengthen customer relationships for referrals and repeat business
>       Provide value-added services that are difficult for competitors to duplicate
>       Increase your staff’s awareness of customer needs and staying on top of their needs
>       Link all touches, e-mails, documents, & information to be view quickly (keeps everyone on the same page)


CRM Bossä Benefits
*     Increase revenue per customer (cross-sell & up sell to increase wallet share)
*     Increase new business revenue (loyal customers referrals and shorter sales cycles)
*     Increase profit from customer retention (attract and keep profitable customers)
*     Lower operating costs (increase selling and administrative efficiencies)
More effective and efficient communications. As today’s customers choose multiple methods to contact companies, systems that provide these companies with a single, centralized view of customer accounts are even more vital. Integrated communication is a competitive advantage.
Increased customer retention. CRM results in better customer service and more loyal customers. Companies can now utilize technology to put back the very things that technology has removed from the customer relationship: Personal Knowledge and the Personal Touch.
Improved products and services - Businesses can leverage their customer information to develop the products customers want and drop the ones they don't want. CRM enables a company to deliver on service promises and integrate product and service channels effectively. By supporting a consultative sales methodology, CRM empowers sales, marketing, and support departments to work as a team.
Increased marketing opportunities - CRM enables tremendous cross-sell and up-sell capabilities for its users, ensuring as many leads as possible are converted into new opportunities and customers.
Increased sales force efficiency/effectiveness - CRM enables sales forces to be more effective by relieving them of mundane tasks, such as order checking, so they can focus on more value-added interaction. Increased efficiency = increased revenue, win rates, and margins.
Contain or reduce costs - CRM helps companies identify and eliminate non value-adding products and services. By allowing users to work smarter via automation of repetitive tasks, companies reduce the cost of customer acquisition and enable their sales staff to efficiently go after the right prospects. Companies that strategically implement CRM gain an average of 15% improvement in productivity.

Productivity Tools:
* Relationship Management Contact Profile Screens to track all aspects of contact’s interests, hobbies, relationships, important dates, family, potential products and customer service needs
* Referral and Activity Based Rewards system to provide incentive for exceeding expectations
* Time Management screens to prioritize tasks and reduce non value-add activities
* Automated web import/update prospect/customer/vendor tracking system
* Document Management tools to manage all types of documents including forms, merged, electronic, and scanned documents
* Project Management for prospect, customer, internal, and external projects
* E-mail Center to manage and automatically link inbound/outbound e-mail to the contact record
* Scheduling and Calendar system integrated with external ICAL (Outlook) calendar systems
* Automated Processes to manage 7x24 one-to-one marketing, sales processes, workflow, and customer service needs to increase efficiencies and make sure nothing slips through the cracks
* Comprehensive On-line Analysis and Reporting capabilities that keep management up to date on specified business matrixes
* Relationship Management, Family Trees & Organizational Charts
* Information Center that provides database with search engine for company policies, product information, competitive research, and other information needed by the knowledge worker
* Automatic Linking of documents, files, activities to the contact record, user-time-date stamped
* Centralized Database to reduce islands of information and duplication of data entry
* Remote Access & Synchronize all information from branches/laptops to corporate
* Back Office Integration with real-time views or regular updates
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