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Benefits of GoldBook

  • Allow for the easy linking of existing GoldMine/QuickBooks Customers/Vendors.
  • Allow for the easy creation/linking of New GoldMine records as QuickBooks Customers/Vendors ( No more Double Entry/Typos ).
  • Allow Accounts Receivable Aging to be automatically brought over from QuickBooks into GoldMine fields.
  • Allow Estimates/Purchase Orders to be automatically brought over from QuickBooks to GoldMine History which displays nicely in the New GoldMine 8.5.0 Preview screen.

Once you have a matched link, you can do a number of things easily:

  • Any disparities of field information will cause GoldBook to place a Red background across that field so that you can easily identify the disparity. If you have only a few disparities then you may double-click on the proper push arrow to send each piece of correct information behind the arrow the the side where the arrow is pointing. If you have many disparities then a single-click on the proper push arrow will ready that field to synchronize when you click on the Sync button. You may choose to synchronize to and from GoldMine in the same push of the Sync button as GoldBook is capable of handling the multi direction configuration.
  • You may update any field on the GoldBook GoldMine side of the Contact Compare screen, and then double-click on the arrow in that field to update the information within GoldMine. You may then turn around and double-click on the arrow in that same field on the GoldBook QuickBooks side of the Contact Compare screen to send the same information over to QuickBooks.
  • To move any newly create AR Aging, Estimates or Purchase Orders from QuickBooks to GoldMine, click on the Setup button and then on the Contact Compare button. See graphics at the end of this doc to be added as “Click here to see setup screen”
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