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We offer these valuable resources to ACW Solutions customers and the Goldmine user base at large in an effort to lead and inspire organizations to go to the "next level" with their CRM. Our saying here is "If its not in Goldmine, it didn't happen." Consider these a token of our goodwill and appreciation to you.

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Ten Steps to CRM Success.

CRM systems can help you analyze and report on every component of your customer process so you can make well-informed business decisions and improve your entire customer facing business. Find out how to execute a successful CRM initiative, you must leverage knowledge gained from people, establish a clearly defined process and implement the right technology.

GoldMine Premium Edition Interactive Test Drive Program


Using GoldMine to Increase Sales Revenue and Create Customers for Life

Create contacts, records and campaigns on the fly. GoldMine Premium Edition offers the most cost-effective and powerful tools that enable small to mid-sized businesses and enterprises to create customers for life. GoldMine Software is used by more than 130,000 companies and over 1.7 million users worldwide to build better customer relationships and grow revenue by:

  • Centralizing client information to make better decisions
  • Providing a 360° customer view for marketing, sales and service
  • Improving customer profitability through better cross selling
  • Optimizing performance via real-time reports and analytics
  • Increasing customer satisfaction with an voice-enabled CRM solution

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GoldMine Premium Edition 9.0 – New Features!

See a couple of the new features released in GoldMine Premium Edition 9.0. View how CRM Dashboards and Microsoft Outlook Integration can help you gain insight, increase knowledge and achieve better results!

GoldMine Premium Edition – Workflow Perspective


See how GoldMine Premium Edition can help you optimize customer relationships, manage marketing activities and campaigns, deliver premium customer service, and manage opportunities and forecasting.

GoldMine Telesales Flash Demo


 Learn how the power of two can help you better manage customer interactions for: inbound calls, outbound calls, outbound campaigns and telephony controls.

CRM Assessment eBook


CRM is a mixture of people, processes and technology, and if these three areas are not in alignment the CRM tool may not be as effective as it could be, and may not be leveraged by the individuals who could find vast benefits of such a tool.  This tool can be used to help you understand who, what, where, when and how improvements to CRM processes, people and technology could be leveraged to improve any business. 

Free CRM Buyers Guide - Volumes 1, 2, 3


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one of the most widely-used and most widely-misunderstood terms in today’s corporate environments. Put simply, ‘CRM’ is a catch-all term used to describe software and related technologies that manage customer-facing business functions (most notably Sales, Customer Service and Marketing), business processes and data.

When done right, CRM allows companies to increase revenues and profits while lowering the cost of marketing, sales and service. The payoff is clear - by better aligning business processes and managing customer data across all customer-facing functions, companies can build successful, profitable and long-term customer relationships.

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B2B Direct Marketing Handbook


This handbook is a compilation of tips, techniques and strategies for today’s B2B marketer. It includes recommendations to help you: develop a more effective campaign strategy, choose media most likely to match your ideal audience, create a powerful, compelling offer, build creative that gets the reader to act now.  Learn more.

Aberdeen Report Inside Sales Enablement - Let Them Drink Coffee!


Top-performing sales organizations are meeting the challenges of increasing the quality and flow of leads presented to their “closers,” as well improving their overall revenue and sales effectiveness, by deploying well-supported and carefully structured inside sales teams to handle the top layers of the corporate sales funnel.  With the ultimate goals of beating quota beyond the simple act of employing low-value staff to “dial for dollars” into aging, purchased contact lists, and instead showing demonstrable return on their extensive investments in advanced processes and enabling inside sales technologies.  Listen to this 15 minute podcast to learn more. 

How to Create a CRM Assessment


This Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Assessment was created to help companies understand how well they performing with customer facing business processes.  This assessment provides a tool for measuring CRM effectiveness with a series of questions geared to understand how the company leverages, or does not leverage a CRM tool.  Learn here.